Music Equipment Rental

Music Equipment Rental provides the greater Rockford area and southern Wisconsin area with:

• Live Sound   • Lighting Rental   • Installation   • Equipment Repair   • Equipment Rental

  • Consignment   • Stage Rentals  •Electronic Parts  • Audio Equipment Rentals  • DJ Services

  • Computer Aided Acoustical Room Analysis


Music Equipment Rental

Live sound reinforcement should not be trusted to just any company, Music Equipment Rental located in Rockford, IL. , has a proven, positive background that spans decades.

Whether you are a local band in need of production or a large-scale promoter, Music Equipment Rental can meet all of your live sound needs with one phone call. For events such as weddings, corporate speaking events,and fashion shows.

In addition to providing live sound, Music Equipment Rental is also available for installs that include providing audio and lighting for venues, sporting centers, churches, and more.

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